The end of the apocalypse is uninteresting. The end is simply the end or the start of something different, a “new beginning” as some say. The start of the apocalypse is fascinating.

I once intended to name this site firstlinemelancholy. That’s “First Line Melancholy”, representing the first line in a fictional account of the apocalypse. But firstlinemelancholy is an unwieldy domain name. So, First Line Melancholy becomes shorthand for an assembly of posts dedicated to concise, atypical accounts of apocalyptic fiction that I read. Like all posts on this site, I offer discussions of apocalyptic fiction irregularly at best. Each post begins with the first sentence from the first page of the book.

The first line is for those who appreciate melancholy.

The first line initiates melancholy.

The first line reveals hope, if you know where to look.